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The purpose of this site is to share with our family and friends what’s going on with us. On the home page we try to feature a recent photo we like (usually recently captured by Chuck). On other pages we feature other web sites, our pets, and trips we’ve taken. Please drop us a note sometime to offer suggestions, comments, or just to say hi!

1and1.com is the company that hosts this web site

Papillon Helicopter Tours is the company we used for our helicopter trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. We highly recommend the tour and the company.

The Doggie Playhouse are the only people we trust our precious pups with whether it's for a day of play or to watch over them for a week while we're away.



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hulu offers videos of today’s popular TV shows as well as lots of classics.

Warning: Don’t go here unlessyou have lots of time to kill...

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