Australia 2002

First Meal in Sydney Winery in Adelaide Friendly Aussie Big Rock on Kangaroo Island Scenic Shot on Kangaroo Island Can You See The Seals? Ready for a Bush Walk Leaving Kangaroo Island Dive Site Plan Our Gear Station Edie Relaxing After Dive Another Dive Site After a Long Day of Diving Logging Her Dives Dive Site After Another Successful Dive Permission to Come Aboard? Chuck Self Portrait Aboard the SuperSport Edie and Dive Master Sunset Aboard the Supersport The Divers The Boat Lizard on Lizard Island Us on Dry Land Again Wreck Scene from Flight from Lizard Island to Cairns Living on the Edge Canoe Ride We Didn't Do Any Swimming Lizard Island Resort from the Air Catching Rays Our Private Island Roughing It Almost Got Away..Is That a Stinger!!! Captain Chuck Servant Chuck Our Lizard Island Accomadations Playing With the Lizards Opera House and Harbor Bridge Edie & New Friends Tawny Frogmouth Edie Petting a Wombat Chuck & a Koala What You Looking At? Tazmanian Devil 'Three Sisters' Rock Formation in the Background Posing Lehman Winery in Adelaide Top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney