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The purpose of this site is to share with our family and friends what’s going on with us. On the home page we try to feature a recent photo we like (usually recently captured by Chuck). On other pages we feature other web sites, our pets, and trips we’ve taken. Please drop us a note sometime to offer suggestions, comments, or just to say hi!

Africa Trip Videos

Kilimanjaro (14:11)

This video starts the night before our first day on the mountain. We are packing to spend the next six days on the mountain --no more hotel rooms. Be sure to read the climb journal for all the details.

Tanagerie National Park (9:39)

After leaving Kilimanjaro our first stop was Tanagerie National Park. We stayed at a nice tented resort where we could see the animals from our front porch. During the night a family of elephants ate part of our tent. It was actually kind of frightening until we realized what was happening, then became only concerning.

Lake Manyara (6:31)

Ngorongoro Crater (14:13)

Masai Village (11:53)

The Serengeti (16:41)

Kenya (3:44)

Africa Videos

I broke the video footage we shot in Africa into seven short videos. Watch them all.

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